Rich Foley Volleyball
$360 | 3-Game Guarantee

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IMPORTANT: Please include your team’s full roster during the registration process.

ENTRY FEE: $295 - Indoor with 6 -person teams. 



June 26, 2022 - Early online registration ends! $25 late fee added starting June 27, 2022.
June 27, 2022 - July 1, 2022 Late registration period with a $25 late fee added!
July 1, 2022 at 10PM event registration closed | NO ENTRIES WILL BE TAKEN AFTER THIS DATE.

•    Men’s Open                                 
•    Women’s Open                         
•    Co-Ed Competitive

•    4 players of either male or female and 2 players of the opposite sex per team for Co-Ed needed to start each set.
•    Teams may play with 5 if a starter becomes injured. 

•    Pool play followed by double elimination tournament, current USAVB rules apply. If insufficient number of teams registered, the division will either cancel or teams will be asked to play up. 


There are 16 teams entered into this tournament. We will have pool play and a double elimination tournament.  

-    4:2 Ratio, 4 guys- 2 girls, or 4 girls – 2 guys, or 3:3 Ratio: 3 guys – 3 girls. 
-    Each team will keep score and line judge after your game. Turn in all score sheets to me.
-    All rules applied to this tournament are NHFS, we will need to turn in a line-up, but please make sure you keep your rotations/substation legal
-    All lifts, nets, touches will be determined by the officiating team and your honesty is greatly appreciated as well.
-    If you have 5 or less on the court, we will use the “ghost” system, side out point to the other team in “ghost” position.
-    A girl must “touch ball” to continue play.
-    There is a 6 min grace period for pool play games, if your team is not there in 6mins, will result in “forfeit”. Official local time will be used.
-    All Players participating must print and sign their roster forms, a disclaimer and liability statement is in place and your signature on your roster is in agreement to disclaimer and liabilities.  
-    1 30-second time out, per team, per set. 
-    Each match will begin with a coin toss to determine first serve. 
-    All judgment calls are final.


Pool Play
-    Each team will play for 1 hour in each pool round, should it be tied after time runs out, the next side out will win the game. 2 games for pool play.
-    1-hour time limit for each pool game; there is no warm-up for pool play.


Bracket Play
-    10min grace period for Bracket Play. Local time will be used to determine forfeit.
-    Best of 3 games to 21, Cap, 3rd game to 15, win by 2. 
-    Loser’s bracket, double elimination. Best of 3 games to 25, Cap, 3rd g
ame to 15, win by 2.

Your pool schedule and bracket will be posted at administration table.