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Internship Program

​If you need and internship for college credit then the Arizona Sports & Entertainment Commission offers an extraordinary internship program that focuses on actual event experience.

We work with you on your class schedule to develop a weekly program agenda as to not impede on your studies.  

This is your chance to take your field of study on a test drive. The experience you gain at ASEC will enhance your resume, build your network while gaining valuable skills and confidence that will set you apart when applying for jobs.

We currently are offering unpaid internships in the following areas of which you work with experts in these areas as follows:

  • PR/Communication

  • Social Media

  • Event Operations

  • Marketing/Sales/Development

  • Accounting

The ASEC internships are highly competitive as our number one goal is to find jobs in sports for our interns.  We have students from every class land positions with great companies through our program! 

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