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The Grand Canyon State Games is a multi-sport Olympic Festival for Arizona’s amateur athletes of all ages and abilities. Doug Ducey is the honorary chairperson of the Grand Canyon State Games, now in their 27th year. The Games is owned and operated by the Arizona Sports & Entertainment Commission and are affiliated with 47 other states throughout the country. Grand Canyon State Games is staged in Central and Northern Arizona and soon to be Southern Arizona.  Our goal is to give all Arizonans the opportunity to take part in athletic competition with an Olympic-style atmosphere.

Jerry Colangelo | Founder

In 1993, Jerry Colangelo, along with Steve Patterson and C.A. Howlett, created the vision for Grand Canyon State Games. Bryan Colangelo also played a role in the early development, having served on the Board of Directors. The Games were instantly popular and grew rapidly during the first decade and beyond. Before too long, Grand Canyon State Games were the premier such amateur sporting competition in America.

Today the games draw 30,000 athletes annually and are made possible with the support of over 21,500 dedicated volunteers. More than 250,000 medals have been awarded to amateur athletes in 60 sports. ​

Erik Widmark | Founding Executive Director